Breast cancer patients need support during and after treatment to better cope with the disease and overcome the various challenges associated with this diagnosis. Here are some support resources available for breast cancer patients:

Breast cancer can have a strong and often long-term psychological impact on patients. It is usually a difficult and stressful experience that can trigger many emotional reactions such as anxiety, fear, sadness, frustration and even depression. The following are some of the main psychological effects of breast cancer:

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that aims to restore the shape and appearance of the breast after a mastectomy (breast removal). There are several ways a removed breast can be reconstructed, including:

Fat can help in breast cancer treatment by providing patients with the nutrition and energy they need during treatment. Breast cancer patients often lose weight and strength, which can hinder their ability to fight the disease. A healthy diet, including a sufficient amount of fat, can help patients maintain their weight and provide them with the...

If breast cancer is detected early, there is a high chance of a complete recovery. In more advanced stages, treatment is more complicated.



Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. Early diagnosis is the basis for successful treatment, it is ideal if the disease can be caught in the early stages.