Symptoms and causes of breast cancer


Breast cancer is the most common serious cancer in women.

Causes of breast cancer:

  • in 10-15% of women, the tumor is caused by a gene mutation, where the disease can appear at a young age
  • risk factors are: obesity, alcoholism and unhealthy lifestyle
  • there is a slightly increased risk in women who have undergone hormonal stimulation for artificial insemination
  • women over 40 are most at risk
  • there is an increased risk in women who started menstruating very early (around 12 years of age) and stopped menstruating at a later age (around 55 years of age)
  • cancer cannot be completely prevented, but with prevention and early diagnosis, it is possible to detect cancer at an early stage and start treatment in time, and thus a higher chance of recovery
  • The exact cause of breast cancer is not known, but the only thing that is certain is that it affects more women than men

Breast cancer in its early stages is painless and has no symptoms, or they are easily missed. Early diagnosis is crucial.

Symptoms of cancer:

  • Changes to the nipple - retraction and deformation
  • Soreness - at the nipple or whole breast
  • Changes in the armpit - various swellings, possibly lumps
  • A lump in the breast - you can say that it's any kind and it's usually painless
  • Visible breast changes - for example, shape or size
  • Nipple discharge - either bloody discharge or nipple discharge
  • Swelling - usually swelling of the entire breast
  • The most you can do for yourself is to do a breast self-examination and you will go for an ultrasound examination or a mammogram

Keep in mind that when cancer is detected early, there is a high chance that treatment will be successful and a cure will occur.