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I KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO LOSE HAIR, BREAST, EYEBROWS, ETC. That's why we're here for you, to help you feel good and happy with yourself, despite everything you're going through. It is not an easy road, it will be full of thorny obstacles, but we believe that together we can overcome it.

Now a little about what our non-profit organization offers you:

-Consultations with doctors who are top in their field (oncology, surgery and dermatology)

- Psychological support for you and your loved ones with a recognized psychologist in a friendly environment

- Supporting medicines of natural origin, which are given during chemotherapy, so that your organism is not so burdened

- We will help you pay for these medicines, as they are not covered by the insurance company

- Tailor-made wigs directly for you (choice of length, color and type of hair) so that you feel yourself, including its payment

- Free permanent make-up (eyebrows, lines, lips) for our clients

- Dermapigmentation of the breast areolas including its reimbursement

- Lymphatic massages for our clients free of charge (as a result of chemotherapy, there is a lot of water in the body, i.e. big swellings, so it is necessary to make the lymphatic system passable with a lymphatic massage)

- Our own line of underwear

- bras made to measure just for you, with epithesis, in different variants

- our scarves, hats and various headwear

- We will help single mothers and elderly people with running the household, babysitting, help with chemotherapy, radiation, rehabilitation

- we offer a free one-week stay in a beautiful apartment near Sunny Beach in Bulgaria

All services offered are individual and tailored directly to the needs of clients.