Breast cancer treatment options


If breast cancer is detected early, there is a high chance of a complete recovery. In more advanced stages, treatment is more complicated.

Nowadays, treatment options are at a very high level, and patients are always approached individually, taking into account all the specifics of the diagnosis.

The most common treatment options include, for example, surgical treatment, chemotherapy or biological treatment

  • Chemotherapy - cytostatics (chemical preparations that stop the growth and multiplication of malignant cells) are used here, but they have a number of side effects and also attack healthy cells
  • Breast surgery - surgical removal of the tumor
  • Biological treatment- it is the newest method of treatment, where preparations act exclusively on tumor cells and have minimal side effects. Medicines are given by injection or also in the form of tablets. In contrast, this treatment is very expensive, but it can be covered by the health insurance company, if it concerns the type of tumor on which the biological treatment works
  • Hormonal treatment - it is a long-term issue, it is often given alone or after chemotherapy and lasts for several years
  • Radiotherapy - this type of radiation causes the destruction of tumor cells, or the loss of the ability to multiply endlessly. It cannot cure cancer as a single treatment