How it all started


Hello, my name is Káťa and I will tell you my story

I am an ordinary woman who lived a completely normal life until 6 years ago an insidious disease called "breast cancer" entered my path quite unexpectedly. This insidious disease has never occurred in our family, which is why this diagnosis was all the more difficult and completely new for me. And the merry-go-round began - I lost my entire breast, followed by chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments. The diagnosis was shocking for me, but after a few days I thought that my life would not end after all. In addition, I only had a 10-year-old daughter at the time. What goes through a person's head at such a moment is difficult to describe in a few sentences, it would be a book. The fight is very demanding for everyone, both physically and especially mentally. Over time, I started toying with the idea that instead of a book, I would rather found a non-profit organization that would help women, but also men, with the same fate in this difficult life situation of theirs.

I know exactly what our clients will be going through. I went through this treatment myself and it was a long and painful journey.

I heard the diagnosis at the end of September 2015. It was not at all easy for me, nor for my loved ones. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, second breast surgery, hormonal treatment. Even though I'm "healthy" now, with this disease you never know if it's going to come back. It is important to accept it and fight as hard as you can.

If this disease has taught me anything, it is exactly this:

"Sometimes we are born and sometimes we will unfortunately die. The time of our life is limited and finite. Given this fact, TIME and HEALTH are the most valuable things we have in life."

Kateřina Veltruská