Partners and cooperation

How do we cooperate with the Evité studio?

Eva Lachoutová is the founder and owner of Evité studio.

Permanent make-up is a temporary (semi-permanent) technique for adjusting eyebrows or lips and lines. Its aim is not to replace make-up as such, but only to underline the natural look in such a way that it cannot be recognized that it is permanent make-up. Where necessary, the adjustment complements, balances slight asymmetry or adjusts the shape so that the result still looks natural.

MAGIC SHADING - Powder eyebrows, soft shading that creates the impression that you are always beautifully made up.

AQUARELLE LIPS - Watercolor lips, lip shading technique from the edge inward, so there is no contour that would take away the freshness of the look. A 3D effect is created using the tattoo.

CLASSIC EYELINER - Classic eyeliner, filled with black. Interlash eyeliner gives the impression of thicker eyelashes and beautifully accentuates the shape of the eye.

How do we cooperate with Sviato Academy Prague?

CHRISTINA PIDLOZNÁ is the founder of Sviato Academy Prague and the only holder of 3 CraftMaster titles in the fields of Permanent Make-up, Microblading and Areola.

Areol permanent makeup - this is a technique of tattooing nipples and areolas creating a 3D effect.

SMP (Micropigmentation of hair) - this is micropigmentation and a unique imitation of hair using a perfect cosmetic tattoo.