Psychological impact of breast cancer


Breast cancer can have a strong and often long-term psychological impact on patients. It is usually a difficult and stressful experience that can trigger many emotional reactions such as anxiety, fear, sadness, frustration and even depression. The following are some of the main psychological effects of breast cancer:

  1. Loss of self-esteem and impaired body image: The loss of a breast or part of a breast can cause patients to feel a loss of self-confidence and distort their perception of their own body image. This can be a very traumatic experience that can lead to emotional instability and low self-esteem.
  2. Fear of recurrence: After breast cancer treatment, patients may experience fear that the disease may return. This fear can be very stressful and limit the patient's ability to enjoy a carefree life.
  3. Social isolation: Some patients may feel that other people distance themselves from them because they are ill. This feeling of social isolation can be very stressful and can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression.
  4. Bad relationship with one's own body: Breast cancer can have an impact on sexual relationships and intimate relationships of patients. Some women may feel uncomfortable with physical contact or may be concerned about how their partner will react to their changed body.
  5. Fear of the future: Breast cancer can also cause worries about the future, such as work, family and financial stability. These concerns can be very stressful and can make you feel insecure.

It is important that breast cancer patients have access to quality psychological support. Psychological support can help patients cope with the emotional impact of breast cancer and accept the changes in their bodies and lives. It is also important that patients have the opportunity to share their experiences with others.