You know it... it's a beautiful day, you're having coffee with your friends in a cafe .. you're talking .. you're planning a joint vacation, joint trips and other joint activities..

In the evening, you come home and see a small lump on your breast that doesn't hurt, so you think to yourself "aah, that must be from how I bumped myself" and you don't pay attention to it .. you go to sleep .. you work for several days, take care of the household and suddenly you find out that the small lump is big and it's coming out to the surface ... you say to yourself "hell, what is this" you call the gynecologist and she orders you for a mammogram and the examination reveals the diagnosis "Breast cancer".. in a moment you feel life turns upside down.. suddenly you have to go for a sono and to take a sample.. YES, it can happen so quickly that your carefree life turns into a cycle of consultations with doctors and treatment.. you don't know what will happen first, what will come next..

And at this moment WE are here for you. We will show you the path and what awaits you on it, we will help you with everything that is needed .. we will arrange a consultation .. you will not be alone .. we will put everything together for you individually according to your needs, we will manage everything together❤️



We can't do it alone and without help. We can arrange a lot of things, but to make our VISION a reality, we need financial support to be able to continue helping. Our goal is clear, that even a single mother receives the maximum care that every person on this planet deserves. But we can't do it without you.

We will be happy for any financial assistance, whether in the form of a financial donation or the purchase of an advertising item.

Thank you in advance for the entire non-profit organization Hope

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